Thursday, April 6, 2017

Keep on Swimming

This week in Library, the kindergarten and one class of fourth graders turned the entrance to our library into an aquarium or ocean.  The tag line is "Keep on Swimming".  Students in grade K read Eric Carle's book entitled Mr. Seahorse.  In addition, each class did a different sea creature inspired by these blog/pinterest posts.

Fourth graders made these fish that move!

Here are a list of the Kindergarten projects.  Click on the title for a link!
Hand fish
Jellyfish Suncatchers
CD Fish
Toilet Paper Tube Octopus
Paper Ring Octopus

It was so fun watching our sea come to life...the window is also covered in blue cellophane which is so neat!

I could not pull off my crazy ideas without my educational aide and craft expert (Ms. Sally!).


  1. Your wall looks awesome! Lots of great ideas there!